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  • Hand sanitizer is available and required for everyone to use
  • The number of customers in the shop will be limited to 4
  • Curbside pickup is available, contact me for more information
  • Extended hours for customers with health concerns: Tuesday – Friday 9:00 – 10:00
  • You can reserve a room for testing a guitar or amp, contact me for details

Kalmar Rocks Musikaffär

Kalmar Rocks is a music store located in one of Kalmar’s old train stations, near the Giraffen district.

I am happy to help you with all your musical instruments. In my shop you will find a wide range of guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, digital pianos, amplifiers and accessories that larger music stores do not always offer. I make sure that my customers receive good, honest and reliable service.

Here you will find quality products from, for example,  Guitarnet  (Green and FGN guitars),  Crafton Music  (Ibanez guitars, D’Addario strings) and  TMA Scandinavia  (Boston and CTS accessories).

Kalmar Rocks offers repairs, improvements and sets of all string instruments including banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and double bass. I can also help you if you have problems with drums, electronics or PA systems.

Does your guitar need new strings? Maybe the straps need to be sharpened? New mics? Does your amplifier sound murky? Maybe new pipes? Is the speaker cracked? Come on in, I’m gonna watch it. We will certainly agree on what needs to be done and you will then get an idea of the price.

Do you need a sound engineer and a PA system for a gig? Do you need to rent instruments / equipment for a gig or a party? At Kalmar Rocks you can rent guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, drums, PA systems and also me as a sound engineer.

Myself then, who am I? I have worked with music, wood, musical instruments, electronics and computers throughout my adult life. Is also an active musician himself and thus has a great understanding of what musicians need. You may need a replacement for your old guitar or amplifier. With the experience I have, I can help you find your way in the jungle of options available. You can try many different instruments with me and we can jointly reason out what is right for you.

So, welcome to Kalmar Rocks to discuss your wishes or needs regarding your current or future musical instrument. I promise you a friendly, personal and professional treatment, maybe even a cup of coffee.

Kalmar Rocks Music Store – great business service in a small business atmosphere!



Tisdag – Fredag

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11:00 – 16:00

Tel: 0767-93 59 92

Lorensbergsgatan 1

392 34 Kalmar



Just picked up my custom

Just picked up my custom made Pedal that Scott made just for me …it Rocks!!
It s a masterpiece ..am so pleased with the result 👍


Så bra att det finns

Så bra att det finns en musikaffär med fokus på elgitarrer i Kalmar. Och här kan man få gitarren servad och fixad av en man som verkligen kan sin sak, toppen!


Scott is the man!

Scott is the man! I asked him to fix two of my guitars. I believed them to be unfixable. But when I got them back, they were in full glory. Prices are fair and the work Scott puts in is amazing!

John Carlsson

Scott är en fantastiskt trevlig

Scott är en fantastiskt trevlig och kunnig person! Har precis hämtat min gitarr efter lite service och kunde inte vara mer nöjd!


Had my Ibanez bass

Had my Ibanez bass handed over to Scott for some intoneation and neck-adjusting! Did a fantastic job with it. Two weeks later he sold me one, great sounding Bass-Amp!
A great musicstore with an even greater owner!!!


Scott has worked on my

Scott has worked on my pedalboards several times. He listens to my visions on how I want them to function, he adds his own ideas and solutions and gets the job done. Great! In short; I find Scotts attitude positive, he is serviceminded and truly skilled. I’ll be back.

Peter O Ekberg

Scott at Kalmar Rocks did

Scott at Kalmar Rocks did a great job on my Yamaha Revstar. Perfect set up and intonation. The store has a nice atmosphere and Scott is really service minded. I really recommend Kalmar Rocks!

Mattias Kanje

What Ever the trouble you’re

What Ever the trouble you’re having with your guitar or bass. Kalmar rocks Will fix it with excellent results. He has fixed a bunch of my guitars and I could’nt be more pleased with his craftsmanship.


I really do not know

I really do not know what I would do without Scott. He is my source with everything I need and know about what my kid’s music needs are.


Kan inte annat än att

Kan inte annat än att stort rekommendera Kalmar Rocks och Scott! Han har inte bara väldigt konkurrenskraftiga priser utan även otroligt bra service och Scott är dessutom makalöst trevlig! Är verkligen supernöjd!

Christoffer Tholsson

Tack scott för snabbt hjälp

Tack scott för snabbt hjälp och väl utförda jobb på mina gitarrer, senaste ombandningen blev över förväntan; ))


Tommy Lindqvist

Lämnade in min resegitarr Little Martin för justering av stränghöjd och lite fix med halsen. Supernöjd med resultatet!

Tommy Lindqvist

Hilde Østerdal

Scott er en svært kunnskapsrik forhandler som tilbyr rimelige kvalitetsprodukter, og en helt utrolig kundeservice! Anbefales på det varmeste!

Hilde Østerdal

Martin Sandin

Had my telecaster and Gibson SG for adjustment(intonation, adjusting the height of the strings, adjusting the pickups, fret work etc) at Kalmar Rocks and I am super pleased with the result. Excellent customer service, flexible and fast repair and with a very good result. I will definitely return, its great to have a good guitar technician nearby with such a professional approach.

Martin Sandin

Colin Neil


Colin Neil

David Bäckström

Scott did a great job servicing my Jackson guitar. Plays great! Thanx

David Bäckström

Krister Hallstensson

Lämnade in min lefty Jazzmaster till Kalmar Rocks för omvandling till högerhänt och Scott gjorde ett fantastiskt jobb � Låter sjukt bra och med setup som passar just mig. Fick även hjälp att hitta en förstärkare. Kan varmt rekommendera andra ett besök till Kalmar Rocks. Tack!

Krister Hallstensson

Mattias Kanje

Härligt med en riktigt bra musikaffär i Kalmar! Scott
är mycket trevlig och service minded. ���

Mattias Kanje

David Malm

Fantastisk vibe på denna affär! Ett guldkorn! Scott är genuint kunnig och erbjuder produkter som inte så enkelt hittas i traditionella musikaffärer. BESÖK!

David Malm

Anders Åslund

Scott är så otroligt duktig på det han gör och ärlig.

Anders Åslund

Per Wikman

Best guitar store in Småland!

Per Wikman

Kim Chappman Hartmeier

Kim Chappman Hartmeier

Alexander Johansson

Kanonbra helt enkelt!

Alexander Johansson

Min 15 år gamla halvakustiska

Min 15 år gamla halvakustiska Cort gitarr behövde få sig en renovering då strängarna blivit på tog för höga från halsen. Scott analyserade gitarrens infästningar och konstaterade att stallet börjat dra med sig locket från insidan. För att åtgärda stränghöjden så snidade han ner framsidan av stallet och sänkte stallbrädan, så att han utan att frästa på locket ändå kunde sänka strängarna. Gitarren blev som ny! 5/5 stjärnor!


Härligt bemötande, engagemang och mycket

Lovely attitude, dedication and very professional work. After Scott’s adjustments, my vintage Ibanez is as fresh as it saw the light of day. He also did a good woodwork on my acoustic guitar.

Karl Lindahl

Tack scott du är bäst

Tack scott du är bäst 😄 vilken överraskning. Mvh Björn

Björn Olsson


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